We aim to be innovators in the drug discovery industry, creating a business that integrates Dry (computational) and Wet (experimental) drug discovery technologies, and to embody the professional values of our respective fields while advancing our business.


  • Try it first, keep
    challenging yourself

    We will continue to challenge ourselves
    to move forward without fear of failure.

  • Respect each other

    A diverse collection of individuals who recognize
    and respect each other and their respective teams,
    organizations, and companies.

  • Grow with the company

    We connect the growth of the individual to
    the growth of the whole, and the growth of
    the whole to that of the individual.

  • Be proud of yourself

    We will always take pride in our actions,
    both publicly and privately.

  • Show creativity & professionalism

    We will continue to improve ourselves and our company
    as professionals to create the highest value.