• Mission


    X! Eureka!
    Unlocking the unknown
    ~Tomorrow’s drug discovery

  • Vision


    Innovation in drug discovery
    through the convergence of
    Dry & Wet technology

  • Values


    ・Try it first, keep
    challenging yourself
    ・Grow with the company
    ・Respect each other
    ・Be proud of yourself
    ・Show creativity &

  • Science & Technology Division


    Focus on chemoinformatics and structural informatics in the field of computational drug discovery
    (1) Formulate and implement research solutions for the progression of drug discovery research
    (2) System design and development of service platforms (including GUI)
    (3) Support for formulation of research solutions for the progression of drug discovery research

    Eligibility for Application

    < Experience >
    (1) Knowledge and industrial experience focusing on the hit compound discovery to lead optimization phases in drug discovery
    (2) Knowledge/experience with in silico approaches related to the above
    (3) Experience in system construction in HPC environment (cloud computing is also acceptable, GUI development experience is a plus)
    (4) In silico drug discovery experience

    < Skills >
    (1) Programming skills required for data analysis in drug discovery research
    (2) Server side programming skills/Rich Client IF programming
    (3) Construction of data management platforms such as databases/data stores (RDBMS, NoSQL, etc.)

  • Business Development & Partnership Division


    Development and/or marketing of services with Dry and/or Wet partners, collaborators
    (1) Identification of Dry/Wet businesses to collaborate with and planning of business models
    (2) Elaboration of service content and negotiation and conclusion of business alliance agreements
    (3) Project management of service development
    (4) Service marketing (sale of services to pharmaceutical companies and signing of joint research agreements)

    Eligibility for Application

    < Experience >
    (1) Preparation, negotiation and conclusion of joint research agreements in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, and implementation of joint research programs
    (2) Knowledge/experience with experimental and in silico approaches related to the above
    (3) Experience in planning and formulating business alliance strategies with external parties, negotiating and concluding contracts, and implemention

    < Skills >
    (1) Business level English conversation skills
    (2) Ability to draft and negotiate joint research agreements based on knowledge of intellectual property
    (3) Ability to formulate business plans, and prepare and negotiate contracts for business alliances